IMG_3987Dear younger me,

A few words of wisdom from the future. 

If there is anything keeping you up at night, go and deal with it right away. What robs you of sleep can consume your waking hours. Running away from difficult conversations and possible confrontation seems like the easier path, but it really leads to a more difficult journey. 

Don’t wish away any moments or seasons. Even if they feel hard and you don’t understand their purpose. Everything that happens in life is part of your story, and there is hope even in the middle of the deepest pain and greatest challenges. You might have to look harder to find it, but that makes it even more precious. 

Love your family even when it gets messy. Family is where you’ve come from, and the legacy of what you leave behind. It’s never perfect, it’s usually complicated and it takes work. Love through all the chaos, show forgiveness and extend grace. 

Learn that your value is not based on the reflection you see in the mirror, the size of your clothes or how you compare with others around you. Embrace who you are, and the unique gifts that only you have. Don’t let your self-perception rob your potential. 

Don’t give into the denim overalls trend. Comfy as they may be. 

Love people around you even if it feels inconvenient. Be extravagantly generous. Make it your goal to be known for your love. If you feel prompted to do something for someone, don’t hesitate. Surprise people with love when they least expect it. That’s beautiful joy. 

The dream that’s deep down in your heart? IT’S POSSIBLE. Take the lid off any limitations you or others have placed on your life and keep working hard. When you want to give up and you think your plans are ridiculous, remind yourself that you are no quitter and that you can do ALL things. And again, work hard. 

Learn to laugh when you have completely and awkwardly embarrassed yourself. This will happen a lot in your future so you might as well embrace it. 

Make time for yourself. Go sit on the beach. Drink all the coffee. Date your husband. Adventure with your kids. Watch the sunsets. Spend time with your friends. You matter, so treat yourself that way. 

Don’t worry about what other people think about you. You can waste a lot of time thinking what you think other people think, who likely aren’t even thinking about you at all.  Focus your thoughts on what is above. 

Finally, be kind.

Say thank you.

Spend time with your Maker.

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

I wish I could have told you all this in the past, but it’s never too late for the future. 

With much love,

Your older self.