I have always found great significance in seasons. I fully embrace the one I am in, and dive into whatever is approaching. That’s why I always extra-love the start of a new year. There’s nothing more motivating to me than a clean slate ahead, a story waiting to be written. Even today, I am finishing up one of my writing goals for 2016 (I am the poster child of procrastination) before the calendar turns in a couple days. 

I have been thinking over the last couple weeks about 2017 and what goals I want to set for the days ahead. It’s a brand new season for me in many ways, and I’m so excited that I actually can’t sleep at night. However, through all my goal setting exercises and blue sky dreaming, I realized that there has been a shift in my perspective for the year ahead that’s been deeply shaped by the year that has passed.


It’s not so much about what I do.

It’s about who I want to be.

In a world full of dreams, ambitions and spotlights –  in this next season of life I care more about who I am, than what I do.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m passionate about what I do. But I think more and more that who we aspire to be on the inside, will naturally spill over into the other areas of our life.

Our excellence in what we do, will flow from who we are. 

I want to shine kindness.

I want to be investing in others.

I want to be serving.

I want to be supporting people in my life.

I want to be present in the moments that matter.

I want to be building legacy.

I want love to define all that I do.

As I reflect on the events, circumstances and tensions that have polarized and in many cases brought destruction, pain and anguish to the world around us in the past year – I often wonder what could ever bring change. What could transform our world? Even as I think about the situations in my own life, I am often at a loss at how to walk out the days ahead.

I don’t have the answers, but I have my faith that gives me hope.  I can pour out goodness, kindness and hope in my little corner of the world. It’s not always easy, to love without exception. It’s often inconvenient and messy, but so is the world we live in.

Let’s meet the mess with love. 

We all can’t influence nations and kings. We can’t make everything right for everyone around us.  But we can be pouring out in our corners. If enough corners are filled, then love starts to spread. Hope starts to rise. Change comes when we care about who we are on the inside, and we let that influence all that we do. 

Care about your corner.

Because the greatest is love.

And in the darkest days, love shines through the darkness. 

This year, I’m still going to be active in the things I’m passionate about. I’ll write and create, and dream. I’m always going to think big and pursue excellence. But I’m committed to deeply caring about who I am in the little corner of the world where I have been placed, and I’m going to love in that corner like never before. 


Not focussed on what I do.

But how I love. 

In my corner.