My Christmas wishes this year are pretty boring. A stock pot, and a cheese board. (Apparently my current passions in life are soup and cheese and I’m ok with that) After numerous requests from my kids for “a list” I mentally went through each room of our house, considered my closet and honestly came to the conclusion that there is nothing I really need. Of course there’s always things I like, and I might actually buy myself a real pair of warm winter boots on Boxing Day but all in all I’m very satisfied and content. 

There is more than enough.

After walking through significant seasons over the last couple months, I feel like I’ve already had Christmas. This year I’ve received all the presents I need. Deep gifts of healing, restoration, hope, precious times, overflowing blessings and moments that I can’t even put into words. I can close my eyes and replay them all, and it’s the most beautiful movie ever. 

I’ve received so much. 

And I want more of that. More significant life. Life that changes and challenges you. Life that makes you turn your insides out and decide who you want to be. Life that pushes you beyond yourself and your own desires and breathes into your heart that it’s ok to just to be you. That you are enough. That He is enough and that the gift of your life is really about how you love.

I want more of those gifts.

So I made another list for Christmas.


Memories and moments

Family and traditions

Hot chocolate and cookies

Adventures and fun 

Surprises and blessings 

Sparkly snow 

Kindness and compassion 

Forgiveness and peace

Laughter and joy

Movies and popcorn

The minutes, the days and the hours go fast. Life changes and throws you things you never expected.  What’s under the tree is temporary, but the moments we create and go after live on.

A holiday birthed from an eternal gift, should celebrate what’s everlasting in our lives.

I’ll happily open gifts with my family this Christmas. I’ll sit with excitement around the tree, and be thrilled when I get my new stock pot. (I really like making soup!)  I’ll also reflect on the year behind and all the gifts my Maker has given me that could never be wrapped up. Gifts that could never be placed in a box under a sparkly tree.  

Gifts from my everlasting Saviour.

Who has poured out everlasting moments,

With His everlasting love.