I remember when we were kids and my dad would pull out the slide projector to show us some old pictures. We thought it was so cool as he placed the slides so carefully in the round tray and then set them on the machine. We’d all sit around and he’d click through them and we’d watch the snapshots go by.

Moments from the past.

Click Click

Click Click

Looking back over the last few months, I feel like I’ve been in one of those old slide reels. I haven’t lived days as much as I’ve lived moments. The kind of moments that are seared onto my heart and have literally brought change of perspective to my life. I could easily pick out dozens that are etched into my mind.  Moments showing joy, laughter, family, pain, beauty, connections, surprises, reflections, goodbyes – and the list goes on.

Click Click

Click Click

So many moments.

We don’t always value what happens in the little moments. Yet, in the fast pace of life, moments are the key part of living. When we don’t embrace them, they slip away. When we don’t appreciate them, they pass us by. When we fail to recognize what happens in the small, we get lost in the big.

Our moments matter.

Sitting in that dark room as a kid, watching and listening to the reel click – I remember saying, “Slow down! I didn’t see that one! You’re going too fast!”

I didn’t want to miss those moments then.

I’m determined not to miss them now. 

The pursuit of big and grand can’t compare to authentic life lived in small moments. Small is really what matters, big is overrated. All the things that I thought were important that I had to go after – none of those things compare to the precious moments I’ve captured over the last months. 

The moments still to come?

Each one will be valued and the snapshot reel will grow. Pictures of life, of love. Portraits of joy and even of pain. That’s all part of living. The moments that we capture in our heart affect the choices we make as we go forward.

What we value in our moments, sets the tone for our living.

As I feel this season ending, I’m gently gathering up my precious moments and minutes. I’ve started to label them for safekeeping, listed them for future reference. I’ll slide them one by one into my picture reel, not too far away so I can pull them out when I need them again. I’m glad I was looking and listening. I’m so thankful I stopped to collect them and that they didn’t pass me by. 

Those moments will always be just a thought away. 

New ones are on the way.

Another reel ready to be filled.

Small moments combining to make purposeful living. 

Click Click

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