I have finally figured out this stage of my life.

I am in the middle.

Being in the middle is a little confusing. I now have some significant days behind me. I’m not “just starting out” anymore. In pretty much all areas of my life — as a parent, spouse, leader, professional — I have “experience.” That’s a good thing. I know I am not the person I was in my 20s. I’ve progressed and matured and learned since my 30s. I’m stronger and more confident and much more settled in who I am at this stage of my life. I still lose my keys, get into wrong cars, trip on curbs, and have frizzy hair, but overall I’m getting along fine.

But here’s the thing . . .

The middle doesn’t mean that you are finished.
The middle is just the beginning.
The middle is where your biggest dreams can come to life.
The middle means you have great days ahead, and those days can be the best.

If I’m really honest though, I’m a little lost sometimes in this middle land. 

I have people in my life that I invest in, mentor, and try (somehow, with grace) to influence and encourage. I value those relationships. But deep down in my heart I also still long to be a recipient of investment. The middle people sometimes look like they have it all together. We don’t. We still need to do life together with people. We still need someone to believe in us, someone to cheer us on, and someone to guide us through what happens in middle land.

In my middle, I need people more than ever.

In the middle, life is full of a lot of things that I am trying to navigate. Bouncing between parenting a teenager, to navigating new paramaters with a university student. Trying to support and care for parents. Deciding what dreams to pursue and what direction to take. Figuring out who to be in a season that is unpredictable and where everything presses in from all sides. Not wanting to let anyone down, trying to be everything that everyone needs. 

The middle is always changing.

Incredible highs to deep lows.

Sitting in a quiet house, wondering what is next.

Holding onto what was, and figuring out what will be. Normal at this point in life. It’s easy to want to sit back. To think you’re done. To stop imagining. To think that what’s been can’t be better that what is ahead.

Then, you remind yourself that the middle is not the end. 

Middle people can start new things. 

Middle people are ready to move forward. 

Middle people can impact their world.

Maybe you’re supposed to be self-sufficient in the middle? Maybe you are supposed to be able to figure it out? I don’t really think that is the way it should be, I believe that life is meant to be shared as family.

So, let’s walk this middle stage together. 

Let’s walk all our journeys together. 

Everyone has something to offer someone else.
Every generation can speak into another.
Every person can offer something to another person.
We are never done learning and growing.

I have Netflix and Wi-Fi, an anti-social cat and lots of great people in my life.

But I’m still trying to figure life out.

In the middle.

Maybe, we can figure it out together. 


My (in)courage guest post – Life in the Middle