I’m not really sure when the switch happened between brands being for products vs. brands representing people. But it’s here now.

Alive and well. 

People are the new products.

I love a good-branded person as much as anyone else. There are hordes of people I have never met that I know all about and what they represent. Many of them have added value to my life. I can identify of all them by their brand.

The person brand.

It’s brilliant marketing. I have amazing friends who do this for people as a living. I’m part of incredible online communities that share brand-developing tips for aspiring writers and creators. How to build your email list, use Instagram to gain influence, develop a tribe that follows your messaging and increase followers and engagement. The list goes on, and you could literally spend all your time working on brand development. As a creator, there is an urgency I feel to accomplish all this. I am filled with purpose when people read and respond to my efforts. I feel like this is the time in my life to just go for it. Take the next step. 

Yet, in spite of all this instruction, support and desire – I just can’t get it. 

It hurts my head.

I don’t know how to be a brand. 

Here’s the challenge – 

How do you brand a girl sitting in her bed, drinking from an owl mug, writing on her laptop, wearing sweatpants and her favourite 3 holed hoodie? Trying to figure out for about the 100th time, what her purpose is. Wrestling to remove the pressure for position, struggling with breaking off pride. Learning how to navigate new seasons, attempting to balance the extremes of joy and pain. Striving to serve and love with grace, often in the middle of mess.

Anyone have a Logo for that? 

(Submissions accepted)

I’ve decided for now, that I am going to be the un-brand. Living is more important that branding. Yes, I realize that people can do both. But it’s a struggle for me to separate those areas right now in my life, so I’m going to just press on as un-branded me. It’s not going to do anything for the 3 manuscripts I’ve got stored in my Word folder, or help with increasing my influence and following. My fonts won’t match, and my images are not in the same colour palette but I’m ok with all that. I might even get booted out of my creative support groups, but I need to take some deep breaths. I’m going to press into pursuing the purpose and plans being laid out before me. Live life beyond the perfect tagline, and highest likes. 

Remembering that people have always mattered far more than position, and that true influence comes from loving and serving in the real places of my life. 

I’m going to embrace my un-brandedness. 

A person without a brand.

Is a person. 

And that’s ok too.