I have a list of secret ambitions hidden deep down inside me. Usually I think them up while I am drying my hair. (Which is the time for me when all great ideas are born.) One of those hair-dryer inspired dreams is to make cool products with words on them. (Basically what most stores everywhere are already doing) I’m sure you’ve seen those cool mugs, pillows, prints, bowls, journals, etc. that have beautiful quotes that inspire you to take over the world.  I want to make all of those things in a pretty sparkly factory and send them all over the world to spread happiness.


But I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. 

A couple weeks ago, I walked through my favourite coffee-shop-within-a-bookstore-with-lots-of-quote-products and looked at all the cursive words lined up so perfectly in rows of complimentary colours and patterns. Then, I had this weird feeling. I had this genuine urge to knock all those hope-filled mugs off the shelf and hear them smash on the floor.

It was one of those days.

Once an embracer and promoter of the short inspirational phrase, I now wanted to punch it’s lights out. Dramatic? Yes. But you know what, sometimes life just gets real. Sometimes fancy words on a mug just make you mad. Let’s be honest. It’s hard to dream, it’s not easy to rise and shine and you start everyday with coffee because you’re exhausted. 

So, I started thinking about creating some products with real life quotes on them. Here are some of my top prospects:

I’m hangry

My pants are tight

Muffin-Top forever


I didn’t exercise today

World’s crankiest Mom

Stress headache

Is it Friday yet?

I’ve worn these sweats for a week

Who ate my chips?

I can see the product launch now. Hoards of tired people who didn’t have time to shower, lining up to get a piece of reality.

Listen. Sometimes, life is hard. It’s ok to admit where you’re at. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s not a sign of weakness if you aren’t chasing dreams and knocking it out of the park.

Get up.

Do your best.

You might fail.

Try again.

Let’s give ourselves permission to be real. Everything in our lives is not inspirational and that’s ok. It’s so much easier to share the parts of ourselves that aren’t messy. But the illusion of perfection get exhausting, as I filter the heck out of my instagram pictures and care about what people who aren’t even thinking about me, think about me.

Aren’t we just all a bit of a grace-filled mess?

As dramatic as I made it sound, I won’t actually ever smash pretty mugs in the store. (Don’t be afraid to go shopping with me) I won’t ever give up on dreaming and I still want to make things with beautiful words in my pretty sparkly factory. 

I’ll always go looking for inspiration. I need it, it fuels my life and ignites creativity. There is a deeper place in my heart where all my inspiration ultimately comes from that holds strong through everything. That hope, that anchor to my soul cannot be moved. 

But, I’m giving myself permission to be messy and if you see me walking around with a mug with some illegible words scribbled on it with a sharpie – I’m just having a real day.

Those are good too.