Sometimes things go and get complicated.

Relationships change. Situations need attention. Finances shift. Family evolves. Expectations come from all sides. 

In the middle of all this – life keeps on speeding by. Day after day. The pressure to keep moving in the fast lane, no slow lane allowed. I just start to enjoy summer and fall catalogues show up at my door. I go to buy sunscreen for vacation and it’s on the shelf beside the Christmas lights. I fully immerse myself in strawberry season and I see flyers for the pumpkin patch. 

Slow down life.

I have a new longing in my heart for SIMPLICITY. The quality of not being fancy or complicated. I love the idea of an simple life. I dream of a little farm on a hill, where I can cheer the beautiful sunrise to come up each day and reflect as each glorious sunset goes down. But, I know that’s not realistic. Even if I lived on a farm and made my own butter, life would still be complicated. Time would never stand still. A perfect life is not attainable.  However, in the complications that we face, and the pace of life we travel it’s our perspective that shapes our attitudes and sets the tone and climate for our experiences.

Value simplicity.

Slow down.

I was reflecting on simple slowed-down experiences that made me happy in recent weeks:

Buying flowers from the side of the road and putting them in a mason jar.

Making buttercream icing.

Checking my nightly walk off my summer goal list. 

Breakfast with friends.

Wandering through a bookstore. 

Spraying the cold water from the garden hose on my feet.

Sitting on a patio with my husband.

Repurposing my morning coffee into an afternoon iced coffee.

Making nachos and watching movies with my family.

I feel like the simpler I make my life the more I appreciate the world around me. The more I slow down, I’m able to create margin to give because I have space in my life. My complications can be easier solved and faced with a simple perspective.

Drama ceases. Love abounds. Heart settles.

And honestly, I feel closer to Jesus. In a crazy life it’s easy to lose him in the madness. It’s hard to find time for him in the over-commitment. It’s challenging to hear his voice when your channel is always on the one that makes the noise that never stops. 

In the quiet of a simple life there can be more of what matters.

More loving.

More giving.

More serving.

More forgiving.

More dreaming.

More Him.

Things don’t always have to go and get complicated.