It’s back to school season again. I’ve had a few bouts of anxiety as I think about the carefree summer days ending. But I’m ready to pretend I am an organized person. I wouldn’t say that I’m a “Type A” personality by any means. I am more of a “fly by the seat of my pants” personality. However, I’ve learned over the years that organization can be learned, and while it’s not my natural dominant trait – I can fake it pretty well with a few little tricks. Here are 3 things that I do that help when it comes to getting the kids to school each day. Disclaimer: These traits are more successful in September than April

  1. Make Lunches at Night. 

One thing I have done every year of school life is prepare lunches at night. (Lunches = my least favourite task) Let’s be real, mornings are a zoo and if parents also have to get out the door – who has time to make lunches? I’m lucky if I can get myself ready! I’ve gotten into the routine of making lunches after supper when we are cleaning up and already in the midst of chaos, and it feels good to know everything is ready and packed for the morning. I also have developed a really good routine in which I look pitiful and tired, which often means my husband will offer to make lunches. I can usually pull that out 2 times a week (I don’t want to overuse it, lest he figure me out). Parents – make lunches at night! The morning crazy is bad enough without having to find a Tupperware lid.

2. Anticipate the Morning Chaos

I have older children now, and I often leave for work before they go to school. Since I’m not there to inspect them before they leave the house, I try to anticipate what I know will be the stressors of the morning. Some may call this coddling, I call it peace of mind. One thing that is for SURE in our house is that no one can ever find mittens that match. This past year, I made sure at night to put a pair of mittens and a hat beside each backpack. Not sure if anything actually gets worn, but I leave for work knowing that I did all I could do to make warmth a possibility. Maybe for you its matching shoes, or socks, an eraser or a pencil. Whatever causes the meltdown, or the last-minute stress – plan ahead for that!

3. Conquer the Forms

School forms, the bane of my existence. It doesn’t matter what I do, I’m always missing a form. I’m always one behind. I’m always saying, “I am the worse mom ever!” This year I am determined to get ahead, to not fail. One thing I know is for sure, sign that form the minute you get it. Don’t let it go to the pile. A pile is a sure death for a form. You’ll never see it again, and soon your child will be the only one not eating hot pizza lunch or receiving their early timetable (That was my summer fail – sorry kids). I also always put a form that requires money together in a little sealable lunch baggie. Money that goes unbridled into a backpack will never been see again. I also input all dates of events into my phone calendar as I fill out the forms – a new trick I learned. (which I’m sure that most organized people already did, but I felt like a genius.)

The more you take on the traits of a pretend organized person, the better everyone’s day starts. I’d much rather begin my day in a calm manner then that of a raging lunatic. Fake that organization, and soon it will come natural without any twitching, and your mornings will be better! (not perfect, but better.)

Happy Back to School, you’ve got this!