Picture 30

I love walking through the neighbourhood and seeing the sidewalks painted with happiness. Giant pieces of chalk used as tools to infuse colour into the streets. Children sitting on cement, illustrating their insides. Colouring where there are no lines restricting their imagination.

Painting grey sidewalks into pieces of art.

Spectacular display.

Then, the rain comes, or the ill-directed garden hoses and sprinklers of summer,

Everything gets washed away.

Back to a grey slate of nothing.

They despair, and of course there are tears, but then they get back up.

They start again.

Filling the empty spaces


All summer long.

Kids covered in chalk dust happiness.

Beginning again.

These kids armed with their swords of colour have me beat. I don’t like to face the blank space, I don’t want to start again. Starting again is hard.

I like things to stay the same, I don’t want my world to change.

I want to freeze and capture all my moments in time.

But change always comes.

Maybe you’ve had to say goodbye to things you hold dear. They’ve washed away. The storms came, and all that was left was an empty place where you had once created. A blank space where there was colour and happiness. Sorrow and sadness replacing the Technicolor dreams you had laid out for the future.

It’s ok.

Don’t give up. What’s inside your heart is never lost, it can never wash away.

Start again.

Create again.

Build again.

Trust again.

Love again.

He’s the God that comes into the empty spaces. He’s the faithful completer. The beginning and the end.

As we watch the coloured water trickle down the street in farewell streams, washing down the drains, we say goodbye and turn to face the blank space.

But we are not alone.

He’s there. He’s handing us all we need.


Start again.