Before God spoke into the world

It was a vast darkness

A void space

Empty and lifeless

Then, He started to create.

His amazing masterpiece

Painting a beautiful world

Filling it with stunning design

When it was done, He sat back and rested

He knew his creation was good

But that wasn’t enough

He knew it was meant to be shared


So, he created us.

In his image

The image of his creativity

Each of us fashioned in our own unique individual design

His fingerprints all over us.

And here we are.

Sometimes the world around us is a dark place

Like the void before the beginning

But there is hope

We are hope

We paint the bright colors of hope and life

We share our stories of redemption and grace

We are the light that shines in a spectacular display

We don’t just live in his stunning creation

We are his stunning creation

We are active tools

Infused by our creator

To share his creative love

To those around us

We won’t sit on the outside

Admiring the beauty around us

Looking in through a glass darkly

We will be the beauty that others see

Face to Face

Drawing them to their creator