I’m getting tired of the flat screens in my life.

The one-dimensional look at the world.

I want to see and live life in 3D.

This past weekend I was invited to share at a conference and was asked to show the women how to create an inspiration board. It was so much fun! Collecting and bringing together things that inspire me and encourage my imagination (see picture above). I created this board to hang in my writing area because that is the place where I usually need the most inspiration.

I know, you can do the same thing on Pinterest. But you can’t feel what’s on Pinterest. You can’t touch it. There’s no texture. I want to feel inspiration.

I want to hold inspiration in my hands.

I’m hanging up my board this week, to encourage me as I work on my summer stories.

As I look at the board, immediately a whole bunch of thoughts pop into my mind…

Story Idea – A fox finds a special key in a secret garden.

Story Idea – A girl on an adventure in Paris, looking for an anchor she can only see with her special glasses.

I need to be more bold. Everyday.

Story Idea – A brother and sister that find a time machine that takes them back to all their favourite childhood moments.

My mom used to hang laundry on the clothesline, I loved that smell.

I need to make some fun memories this week

I’m clothed with strength, I’m protected.

All of those thoughts, by just looking at my board for 5 minutes. And tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll think of 7 more. I’m counting on it.


We all need it.

We all need to feel it.

Past our flat screens.

An inspiration you can hold in your hands.