Dear Facebook Quizzes

I really try to resist you. I do. But it’s just so captivating to find out more about myself.

Until I met you, I never knew that I should live in the city of France. (Here I am trying to be happy in a little Canadian country town)

I didn’t know what flower I was. Or what Superhero I was most like. (I am Batman…)

I now know my jewel name. As well as what group I belong to in Divergent. (I secretly knew I was Dauntless)

I thought my style was vintage. But I’m really glam (Must go shopping now)

The relief I felt when I saw that I should be a writer was immense. (Seeing as I am a writer)

But it hasn’t all been great.

There’s been some pain along the way. I never share my results. There’s too much shame.

I really wanted to be a sunflower, not a daisy.

How could I possibly not be the Cat in the Hat?  That’s definitely the Dr. Seuss character I am most like.

And a cabin?? I really am a beach girl, so an ocean mansion was the obvious answer.

Pastrami? If I had to be a lunch meat, it would be lean turkey.

Smurf Personality? I was having a bad day. I’m no Grumpy.

And then, the quiz that ended it all. The one that most devastated me. The “What character from Anne of Green Gables are you most like?” How could I not get Anne?  Anne is my kindred spirit. She is my inspiration. The fact that you labelled me Diana Berry is just not acceptable.

I can’t trust you any more Facebook Quizzes.

That was the quiz that broke me.

We are done.

I’m going to have to figure out on my own, what I already know about myself.

Thank you Facebook Quizzes for causing me to question myself and my life choices.

I’m onto you. And your sneaky calculations based on random questions and pretty pictures.

It’s not you. It’s me.

Well actually, it’s you.