I read an article this morning in the Huffington Post about Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently, she has been seen wearing the same shirt 5 times in public.


Shocking. Imagine, a princess has a favourite shirt.

I’d love to invite the Huffington Post over to my closet. I can show them all my shirts, which are pretty much all my favourites. I’ve definitely worn them more than five times. Sometimes I love them so much, they are not even appropriate for human viewing. Just last week I said good-bye to a dearly loved hoodie. For the sake of my marriage, I tossed it. I felt like if my husband saw me wearing it one more time, along with the sweatpants that I turned into cut offs because the elastics were preventing circulation to my legs, he might reconsider his love for me. And, besides that – the holes were taking over. I mean, I have standards. One or two discreetly displaced holes are fine. But when the whole garment is about to disintegrate, It’s time to say goodbye. (I’ll miss you dear grey hoodie with the seashell patch. You translated nicely from day wear to evening wear, to sleepwear. The epitome of efficiently!) Surely, if I can wear my favourite hoodie extensively for 7 years, she can gently wear something 5 times?

I know what you are thinking.

“You are not a Princess.”

Oh really?

“You don’t have public functions.”

Oh yes I do. I have a job. It’s in public and I function.

“You are not set to inherit the riches of the royal family”

Ok. You got me there.

But seriously. All women have their favourite shirt. Even a Princess. Take away the shimmering jewels, sprawling estates and the fact that she’s now part of the Royal family (with years of history and fascinating stories) and she’s not that different from you or I.

No girl wants to be stuck in an uncomfortable ball gown all day.

Leave the woman alone. If that blue striped shirt gets a big hole, then by all means – produce a documentary about it.

In the meantime, let her be comfy. Let her play with her son. Let her have fun.

And love that she has a favourite blue striped shirt, just like you and I.

You go Princess!