photoWhere are your ideas born? I realized the other day that I get some of my best ideas…..are you ready….while I am blow drying my hair. Maybe it’s the dull roar of the motor. Or my hair waving in the electrical fake wind. But it’s like the epicentre of thought for me. I might have to start washing my hair a couple of times a day, just to keep the idea machine going.

Here’s the problem. I dry my hair at 6:15 am.  I’m not very awake at that time, and then I have to rush off to get ready for work.  It’s not exactly the ideal setting where I have time to ponder and develop my thoughts. In fact, it becomes the vortex of forgetfulness. I think up these amazing creative ideas and I tell myself I will remember. Then, I turn off the blow dryer and my thoughts have vanished. This happens ALL the time. (Except THIS idea about writing a blog about where I get my ideas.)

My other ideas are sometimes born out of sleepless nights. Now, I don’t have many sleepless nights. I’m in love with sleep. Sleep has actually become my best friend. But every once and awhile,  I’ll live on the edge and have a coffee really late. Or have a deadline, or event coming up. Then I toss and turn. And ideas are born. I’ve written presentations, acted out full musical performances and manufactured many amazing scenarios during a sleepless night. But then I’m exhausted the next day, and it all seems like a crazy dream. And I don’t always trust things that transpire during my night adventures, and I think the best thoughts get lost in the madness.

My favourite ideas are the ones that just pop up when I least expect it. Watching a movie. In a moment of fun. Looking at something beautiful. Being inspired by creativity that exists around me.  I love when I get an unexpected idea. It’s like a happy brain surprise. You have to be quick with those. Inspiration can take over, and the idea is lost in the experience.


They are like whispers in the wind. And I’ll be honest, I need good ideas. Thoughts are my friend. I have stories to write. I have things to create. I feel a little pressure. I sometimes yell at myself – “BE CREATIVE!” (That doesn’t work BTW. It stresses me out and I eat jelly beans)

Then I remember something amazing. It’s called a pen. It writes on something called paper.


I am a late life bloomer in the area of self-organization but finally I am getting into the habit of writing my thoughts down. And, if I am not near my pen – I discovered an amazing free app on the iPhone called the Idea Organizer where you can make a quick note, take a picture or record your own voice with the idea. (However I will say that you need to give details when you write your ideas down, because I’ve looked back over the idea app and wondered what the heck I was thinking) This crazy habit of writing things down and recording has resulted in something great. I have a LIST of ideas. A whole list. That’s huge for me. I’m not a list person.  When I feel stumped, I take a look at my list and I have somewhere to start. Something to jump off of. It’s become my creative life line. Hanging in my office. Beside me on my phone. It’s my idea vault and soon I’ll have so many ideas that it won’t bother me to toss out the bad ones. (And some are pretty bad!) But it’s ok when you know know more are waiting and more will come. It’s profoundly simple. It takes a second. Why has it taken me so long to do this?


Don’t let them float out into the world un-captured.

A wind of ideas blowing away.

You might lose your best one.