I was going through an old box today, looking for a pen and I came across a journal from last year. At the time, I felt that I was supposed to take a month and write down one thought each day. It could be something that inspired me or something I felt was being shown or taught to me by simply living life and following my Maker. But I had to be looking for it.

Sometimes, we forget to look.

It was like an intense game of hide and seek. I was a serious seeker. I was going to find him. Shine the light on him – “THERE YOU ARE! I FOUND YOU!” But I think when it was all done, he was the really the one that found me. I was the one hidden away in a little space, all crammed in and not able to breathe or get air. But he found me. He shone his light on me. Some of it was a little painful. Some of it made me do some serious thinking. Most of it brought me joy and delight to know he was seeking me, as I sought him.

30 days of seeking. Leading to finding.

Don’t forget to look

Maybe this will be a book someday, or a series of blog posts.

For now,

My list of things sought, that were found and shown.

I can worship God even when I feel in turmoil. He is above all

My physical self needs as much care as my emotional self

Sometimes, God leaves you flowers on your doorstep

We don’t always understand and we have massive questions, but we still trust God

The greatest platform we can build our lives on is the one God builds for us

The relentless faith of the younger generation inspires me

Some things run deep. It’s ok to let them out

His sacrifice is one I can never fully comprehend, yet I fully embrace

Celebrations involving both my family and my faith make my heart sing

Don’t just rest. Have a day of thankful rest

God opens doors for us. We don’t need to beat them down

It makes my heart happy to see investment in others transform into confidence and success

Be gracious in situations where it would be understandable not to be

Don’t let your dreams die. Step out in courage

Be energized by what you are meant to do, and who you are meant to be

Sometimes you have to take step ahead, even though you don’t know what the future holds

Follow the arrows. Even the ones that don’t have a clear destination

Family Time is precious time

There’s only so much I can do.

Sometimes you have to re-arrange a day to love the ones you love. And it’s ok.

Rest. It’s good

Put your family first. They notice.

Sidewalk chalk is inspiring. You can paint the world

When God drops a surprise on our lap, it’s delightful

True friends never forget how to be friends

You can only try to help so much. Sometimes it’s not your fault

There is nothing better than seeing the faith of your children grow

Saying goodbye is hard

Invest even when you are not sure it is making a difference. Results take time

Love with all your heart. Moments pass by fast.

Remember, don’t forget to look