I’ve never thought much about whimsy. In fact until a couple of weeks ago, I had never thought anyone else had either. Then I started reading LOVE DOES by Bob Goff. I haven’t read everything in the world, but I know that I have never read about whimsy. I especially have never read about people who live out love while embracing whimsy like Bob Goff and the real stories of his friends.

Whimsy inspiring whimsy.

Playfully quaint. Fanciful or Odd. Those are definitions of whimsy. In my words, I think whimsy is anything that captures the imagination. Anything that pulls sunshine, sparkle and creativity into our thoughts and lives.

You see, I often struggle with that. I feel like whimsy is state of mind that is deemed appropriate for only the young. Sometimes in my whimsical thoughts and dreams I tell myself to grow up. I say, “You are an adult woman. Stop thinking like a child. Stop believing in things that are so crazy. Get rid of the electric blue tutu. Owl earrings are not appropriate. No one your age wears bow hairbands and glitter nail polish. Take yourself more seriously. You need a business suit. Get some grown up shoes.” I suppress my whimsy because I don’t know how to life it out in my life appropriately. I don’t see the full potential that it has.

The more I read of LOVE DOES, the more I realized that living a life of love naturally involves whimsy. It’s ok to be creative and spontaneous, especially in the way that we love.

I am reminded that our creator who made us has left a treasure hunt of his whimsical handprints for us to find wherever we go. We could look forever and never run out of surprises to find on our journey. We see leaves that change colour with the seasons. We see a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly. We see water that freezes into beautiful shards of hanging ice. Sunsets that take our breath away. Clouds that tell stories and horizons that go on forever. Things created with purpose, and purposed with creativity.

That same creative brilliance is in all of us. The more we embrace it, the more love can flow through us. The same feeling of awe we feel as we look at something beautiful, can be seen as we live out beautiful. Creativity should flow out of what was created. We know there are many places of brokenness in our world, crying out for the beauty of love to flow. We can be that beautiful, tangible love.

After reading the inspiring stories in Bob’s book (I encourage you to read it), I love what he says in the last chapter –

“Choose something that lights you up. Something you already think is beautiful, or lasting or meaningful. Pick something you aren’t just able to do, pick something you feel like you were made to do and then do lots of that.”

That’s what love does.

It lives out life with passion.

It’s embraces whimsy.

It makes a difference.

It writes a story.

It wears the right shoes for the right journey.

And the journey makes the masterpiece.