I am convinced more and more that each person needs a variety of voices that speak into their life. As people who live in community with each other, what better resources do we have than one another? I am pretty passionate about this, I think about it all the time as I study mentoring and influence and how I see that lived out around me.

I want to share some of the voices I think are important. My first thoughts will be on the “MOM-FRIEND.” (Oh how exciting, I think this is my first series!)

This weekend I was part of a conference. It was really stretching for me and I was struggling with extreme nerves and all those other lovely thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity that plague us when we step into something new. Just as I was about to let that overtake me, I heard a quiet, gentle voice say my name. I looked up, and there she was.  I have known her all my life and seeing her took me back to my childhood.  My first “mom-friend.” I used to babysit her children all the time as a young girl and I learned so much from her. From being in her home, from watching her with her children, seeing her creativity, spending time with her  family – she taught me so many things.

I remembering observing the challenge of having a young family, the love that was present in her home, the way I was accepted and loved by her family, the opportunity I had to love her children and learn to care for them and FEEL so accepted, the times I could tell she was hurting and having a hard time, seeing the love she had for her children and husband, witnessing the evidence of a strong faith. I can play clear pictures of all those times, all these years later. It’s like a story in my mind. 

When I see her again on occasion as an adult all those things are what immediately come to back to me.  After a brief conversation this past weekend, she again spoke into my life and still displays all the qualities that I observed and admired as a young girl. It was so comforting to me, I was holding back my tears. And I was able to go forward that day with confidence because of her kind words and affirmation.

Thank you “mom-friend”. You still impacted me all these years later. What a gift!

I have my own awesome mother.  She is pretty amazing and there is no one better than her or anyone that can take her place in my life. Her voice has had the most impact on me. But having other voices in my life was significant and as I look over the years, I have been blessed with a great series of “mom-friends” along the way. Not taking the place of my mom, but showing me other pictures of love and family in action. Reinforcing what I saw in my own home and showing me a bigger picture of family.

My daughter is 12. She has some pretty amazing “mom-friends” herself. It makes my heart happy to see that tradition continue. I love hearing about her crazy night of baby-sitting and seeing her seek out her “mom-friends” at church, playing with the little ones that she loves so much.  She is learning things that I can’t always teach her, but she is experiencing life with people that I trust. I want that for her. Other strong voices in her world besides me, influencing her future.

Thank you to all my “mom friends” that helped me in my journey. I still need you now as a grown-up mom myself, and what you have taught me along the way has been so valuable. Thank you to the “mom-friends” that are in my daughter’s life, showing her beautiful examples of authentic and real family life. I’m so thankful she can learn from you and you are shaping her life.


We can’t do it alone.

We all need each other.