I am completely addicted to journals and blank pieces of paper. Right now, on my desk are 6 journals, I could easily find about 5 more in 10 minutes. There is something about a blank page that appeal to my very core. I’m that back to school shopper that stocks up on paper and then likes to take it home and inhale the smell. The possibilities of creating something with words that doesn’t yet exist totally thrills me.

An unfilled canvas begging for ink. Crying out for a story.

The only troubling thing to me is that most of my journals are unmarked. Some have a few words written in them – an attempt to fill the pages with thoughts and adventures. However, its been a long time since I have filled an entire book with words.

As I surveyed my collection, I felt a little bit of alarm.

Pretty journals with barren pages aren’t going to inspire anything.

There are so many stories to write.

Who cares about vacant journals empty of stories that might have been.

Stories need to be written.

Right now, my life is like of those journals. I have recently closed a chapter and the next one is waiting to be composed. It’s completely blank ahead of me.  And I believe that in a good story each chapter should be more exciting than the one just completed. A well written chapter ends with anticipation for what will happen next, a story that you can’t put down. A tale that keeps you up all night because you have to know what happens.

That’s how I want to live my chapters.

We all know that someday the story ends for everyone. That is the reality of life. But what you do and how you live each part of that adventure through each chapter is what can make your life a story worth reading. Everyone has a story that is significant to tell. Look at a city at night, filled with lights. Those lights represent people. Each with a story. Millions of blank journals out there, waiting to be filled. Not sitting empty on a desk with a pretty façade.

So here goes the next chapter. I’m starting to write it even though I am not completely sure of the plot. But I can start an outline.

I loved the last chapter, it ended well.

But the new one ahead will be better.

Filled with more love. More adventure. More compassion. More creativity. More worship.

I’ll write it alongside the great author of my life, he did write the greatest story ever told.

Writing together.

No more empty journals.