Vintage heart box_cut out

I am on a new quest right now, and that quest is to find beauty. I don’t mean a perfect face, a huge mansion on a sprawling estate or a shiny new car that drives down the street. I am looking for the unexpected type of beauty. A beauty that you find in things that normally people don’t find beautiful. Beauty that goes beneath the surface, beauty that shines in places where the average person thinks beauty does not exist. Beauty that we miss because we don’t recognize what it truly means to be beautiful.
Beauty that is living. Beauty that is alive.
This week I spoke to an elderly woman on the phone. Through her frail words I found beauty. The way she spoke to me, the softness of her voice, the “thank you dear” that she gave me when we ended the conversation. That was beautiful to me. The other day I went into my daughter’s room and saw how she has precisely arranged her desk, and put out all her special treasures and pictures that are so important to her – set up in just the right places.  As I looked around her room I saw beauty in that moment of life that she is living as a 12-year-old girl.  While I was waiting for my son’s football practice to end,  I saw unexpected beauty in the bond that a team of kids coming together can have. Kids that didn’t know each other 3 weeks ago that are now working towards a common goal. That painted a beautiful picture of unity to me.
 Beauty is everywhere, the more I look the more I see.

The more I look in uncommon places – the more surprised I am.  I don’t want to miss it, I want to be an observer of all things beautiful.

We think beauty is a reflection. We think beauty is defined by what shows on the outside. But real beauty flows from stories, from experiences, from the love that bursts from our hearts. It’s painted in thousands of living pictures that are playing right in front of our eyes every day.

It is a challenge to go deeper than the mirror. The mirror can deceive us – the trappings and insecurities that it can bring. I want a beauty that no mirror can define, but that a heart can see living out loud.

A life lived that calls out softly and gently, “Beauty lives here.”  

That is true beauty.

Imagine a campaign for beauty that showed the hearts of loving people. A great big billboard that said “Here is the most beautiful person in the world”, and underneath was a picture of someone’s heart.

That would be beautiful. Heart based beauty. A reflection from the inside that brings beauty to the outside that is fluid and ever-changing, active and transforming.

There are no aging lines, because this type of beauty lives forever.

Beauty lives here.