I’ve been thinking about dreams. They are hard work. But, I don’t care.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a royalty cheque in the mail. I self-published my book but I did it though a company which allows for online sales through all the major bookstores, etc. So that means I get a quarterly cheque of a percentage of sales. The first couple were pretty good. (and by good I mean under $300)

But this one. This one stopped me in my tracks. I just stood there with my mouth wide open. It was for…are you ready…..


You got that right sister. The paper, postage and envelope alone was worth more than the cheque. I laughed. Told my husband I am pretty much an author loser and moved on.

I didn’t care. Dreams are hard work. How about I just celebrate the fact that I got a cheque? It means I followed a dream.

A couple of weeks later, I had a book event at a library. I was pretty excited. I hadn’t been to a library before. (For a book event. I have frequented libraries…) I was going to do a couple of book readings and then I had a table set up to sell my books, etc. So I arrive. All ready to go. In my cute book signing dress. No kids around. (Well, there were about 6 pre-teen boys. They didn’t care about tangles, or even slightly appreciate my cute dress.) We finally found 2 children bored out of their minds with their mom. I read my book to them. Then, I hit the audience jackpot. A local day camp of tired and hot children made a library stop. We asked their tired and desperate leaders if I could read them a story. “YES!”, they exclaimed with relief. So, I had a captive audience. And by captive I mean that we pretty much captured them and made them sit in the reading circle. A group of sweaty day campers that we basically pulled in off the street to read my book too. I laughed later when I saw the picture tweeted by the library of my book event. It looked like such a crowd. Yes. A crowd we found and forced into confinement on the ABC rug. One kid was even sitting in the opposite direction reading a story he found much more interesting from the shelf.

I didn’t care. Dreams are hard work. How about I just celebrate that I read my story to a group of kids in a library? It means I followed a dream.

It’s encouraging to hear stories of influencers who had their ideas rejected many times and had to struggle. It gives me hope. It gives me courage. It makes me determined to press on. I’m no quitter.

So, I made less than a dollar and had to find a fake audience of children – I don’t care.

I have dreams.

I’m following them.

I’m not afraid of hard work.

And I have more stories to tell.

More books to write.

More ideas to share.

More leaps to take.

I don’t care what it takes.

Not gonna quit.