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A really strange thing has happened to me lately. I’ve started to look at life around me in words. Maybe because I am living in complete chaos right now at home and at work (good thing I like chaos) and my world is spinning around at warp speed. But something unusual  has happened. I can’t stop thinking in words, stories and phrases. Last night I was watching a movie and I couldn’t pay attention. I was thinking about what was being said and I saw it all as sentences. It was like I was reading a script. I was imagining it in my mind.  I listened to the words and I wonder – could I have written those words? How would I have said that? How does what you write on paper translate to the screen? How long did it take to get that sentence perfect?

I’m thinking about words.

All the time.

Things continually play out in my life and I imagine what it would look like to take that experience and put it down on paper. Taking all the letters of the alphabet and making them dance and sing together, creating a beautiful story. Words all around me. How do I capture them? How do I bring them all together? Will I ever catch those letters?

I know what the problem is. I haven’t been writing. Life has been SO crazy. No time to write is making me go a little crazy. And now the words and the letters, they are coming at me from all angles as the paper begs me to just sit down for a little while and get it out. To create. I feel like my brain might explode and all that will be left will be a pile of A,B,C’s that were never assembled. That never made it into a word. A story never told.

I will write soon. I have a vacation coming. I will have solitude and I will have rest. And I will have time to be creative and I will have time to be still. Stillness brings me creativity. While I love chaos at times because it often is a result of creativity – too much becomes like a twister in my brain that I cannot pull out of. I’m like Dorothy being taken to Oz.

Don’t worry little random letters in my mind. Floating around. You have a purpose. You are more than just a song for preschoolers to sing. I’m coming out of my fog, and soon you will be beautifully assembled words and stories.

A, B, C

You will help bring order back to my life and refill my soul with passion.

You will tell tales and hopefully inspire, and together we will make beautiful pages together.

A letter by itself is just a letter.

A letter with other letters is a word.

Words make life come alive.